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More about religions

Man follows cult religions instead of studying the spiritual laws and strive to live in harmony with nature.
Their false religions alienate them from the creation.
And in their ignorance, legitimized by the principle to make subdue the earth, they destroy their planet.

The truth about religions
All religions have been established by people. They are nothing more than the belief of the founders and their followers.
That God asked someone to found a religion is impossible.
God never gave or transmitted rules to anyone. That is impossible and also not necessary: there are the natural rules and cosmic laws, they are valid for everyone and forever!

While some religions are close to the truth (as Buddhism), most religions are complete heresies:
• Religions which glorify violence, that animate or accept the use of violence, calling for the use of force.
• Religions which don't accept all people as equal, oppress women as inferior, consider believers of other religions as inferior.
• Religions which restrict the freedom of people (as dress codes, no permission to create a family, forced marriage).
• Religions which don't regard a marriage as equal partnership between an adult male and an adult female, which allow more than one marriage at the same time.
• Religions which promote the unlimited increase of the population, which inevitably leads to self-destruction of humanity.
• Religions which serve to self-enrichment of the religious community and its leadership.
• Religions where religious leaders exercise power over their members, dictate rules that restrict their freedom.
• Religions which accept that people exploit other people.
• Religions which don't care that the earth, the nature and environment is preserved for future generations.
• Religions that believe in more than one God. Religions that worship Satan/Luzifer as their god.
• Religions which don't know that reincarnation is a fact.
• Atheism is also a misconception that not believing in God is a serious mistake!

Members of malicious heresies wither in their mind more and more resulting finally in the bottomless abyss.

The prophets were NOT religious founders!
The supposed founders of religion, such as Jmmanuel alias Jesus Christ or Mohammed were in fact never the founders or authors of any religion.
They were in truth always pure announcers of the natural truth, the so-called creative-natural laws and commandments.
That is, they taught people, for example, that man responds to the law of reincarnation (rebirth) of his spirit form, his spirit invigorating him is arranged, whereby he is more and more perfected through innumerable juxtaposed resumes in consciousness and in the mind.
They further taught that no god stands above man and determines his destiny, but that every man has a completely free will, according to which he can determine his own life and destiny to the full extent.
And this according to the law of causality, whereby every thought, every feeling, every act and action is a cause that produces certain effects and inevitably triggers them, whether man knows this or not.
Man is thus responsible for his whole life and every single decision in it, and neither a god nor a karma or anything influence him in it.
For the formation and founding of dogmatic and cultic false doctrines and ultimately of global religions such as Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc., it was only the lack of intelligence, the lack of understanding, the unfaithfulness to the truth, and the egotism and domination of the teaching supporters and disciples of truth-tellers.
These disciples couldn't and didn't want to comprehend and understand the good and verbal teachings of the prophets and fabricated dogmatic cult religions out of the pure and good as well as natural and creative teachings of the prophets.
Thus, the good and the laws of nature-oriented teachings of these wise men and women were falsified, twisted and raped in the worst possible way, contrary to the will of truth-seekers like Jmmanuel alias Jesus and Mohammed.
Within a few decades and centuries it has been turned into evil devices for the suppression, dumbing down, exploitation, misleading and conscious enslavement of human beings.
The truly wise, knowing, balanced, dignified, respectable and loving truth-seekers, prophets of the old and new times were always upright and integrity people, each had a hard life.
Unfortunately, these wise man, teachers and prophets has been done wrong to this day in a shameful and painful way, because they are lumped together with the human-enslaved, often also woman-despised and inhumane cult religions.
The people do not want to understand the simple fact that the wise men of the old and the new time did not have and do not care with cult religions until today's modern times.

Unfortunately, it will still take many centuries before people truly comprehend, understand, and acknowledge this, for up to this day and long into the future it seems paradoxically impossible for most people that truth and cult religion are two completely different, even opposing things.
For the vast majority of people on planet Earth, this truth is not yet comprehensible because they have been shaped and controlled for millennia by the cult religions as well as by irrationality, illogic, selfishness, stubbornness and arbitrariness, so that they are not capable of a real rational, unbiased and neutral reality thinking.
It is up to each individual to comprehend this truth and free himself from the errors of his thinking.

Excerpts from Friend of the truth

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