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More about the present world
The present financial system is for the benefit of the rich only to get even more richer and powerful.
More about the present financial systems

For centuries, they have kept themselves in the background and made the net from there that should contract soon around all humanity.
More about a free basic income

The elite who owns most of the money are evil people. They are even able to create their own money.
They create crises and even wars at their will and do other evil things.
Why the world is so bad

Driven by selfishness and greed, a small group of people ruins our planet.
We are at the edge of a dump. Either we fall into the chaos or we are smart enough to act.
We do not wait for those in power, who often have disappointed us. Do we prefer to do something ourselves.

Peace Nobel Prize winner Prof. Mohan Munasinghe

The people do not organize themselves, they let it happen that the large masses of people are under the thump of a few super-rich.
And we empower or let it happen that someone can rule on us and control us but we are all equal!
Mankind has actually allowed to be ruled by the forces of evil.
The world in development requires a spiritual renewal that peace and harmony may reign above all.
Everyone must participate in order to destroy the power of evil people.

To all evil people who believe they have the liberty of doing anything: There is the principle of the balancing justice!
Every bad, malicious, evil action will have consequences, will be atoned for.
May those responsible before and behind the scenes of public affairs need to understand that they too cannot escape the laws of fate of a higher order power.
Once upon a time the hour of truth will also come to them. And what will inevitably come upon them, they are truly not to be envied!
All tyrants, owners and monopolists in the world are trying in vain to upset the balance of Libra. They can not escape the setback of the scale!

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