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The life and afterwards
Watch your thoughts, for they will become your words. Watch your words, for they are your actions.
Watch your actions, for they become your habits. Watch your habits, for they become your character.
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny. (Quote from the Talmud)

The only Sin
All the suffering and misery of the world owes itself in the first place to ignorance.
Ignorance is therefore the only sin, from which all suffering arises.

The only rule
Do not hurt another person neither in words nor in actions nor in thoughts.
This includes also highly developed animals.

You will reap what you sow. Cause and effect is an immutable universal law.
That means in this life you establish your conditions for this future life, for the hereafter and later for your next life.
That reincarnation (rebirth) exists is a fact! It is a basic law of nature.
More details about reincarnation

The soul
We should familiarise ourselves with the idea that there is a second organism in us that is completely in the form and appearance of our earthly body.
In us there is a second, already known in antiquity and invisible organism of non-material nature.
People speak of the soul, but parapsychology knows several subtle bodies, the astral body being the most important.
We therefore consist of two beings halves, the solid material outer and the fine material inner body.
Both are recognizable and meticulously grasped by our spirit with its personality consciousness.
Because now our astral body does not reflect the light, it remains invisible to our eyes.
However, if it is sufficiently compacted, whether consciously or unconsciously, it can also be seen.

The outer and inner body can temporarily separate from each other.
This can be consciously done or unconsciously in sleep, in anesthesia, in the state of exhaustion or in moments of danger of life (near death experiences).
The disappearing astral body is always connected to the physical body by a kind of hub cord, a shiny silver ribbon.
If this silver string is to be torn or separated, then a return to the physical body is not possible anymore, death occurs.
Shortly before, you get a premonition that it goes to the end. Dying is not painful but tedious.
Ever since one compared death, the dying process, with a birth.
As at birth the earthly life begins with the separation of the umbilical cord, so for us with the tearing of the silver string begins a new independent existence in a different, namely not material world!

Our self-conscious mind, with its soul body now, feels the so much feared death just as a fundamental change in living conditions and the environment.
Near death experiences of clinical death people who have been reanimated, this means who could be retrieved, show us that it continues after body death.
Equally probative are non-physical experiences, without being close to death.
For what is possible without the use of the body, logically should also be possible without possession of the same, that means after which to be dead.
It is a well-proven fact that the human psyche (Better said: Our I) can exist without our body.
In fact the soul is immune to destruction so indestructible, that means we can live eternally (the only exception: self-destruction).

Life review and self-knowledge
In the hereafter we are confronted with our entire earthly life.
There is a clear ethical evaluation of our behaviour in the existence on Earth.
We see the effect of the individual thoughts, words and deeds on everyone and anyone who has ever been to our environment and sphere of influence, whether we knew them or not.

The hereafter consists of numerous levels of existence of different frequencies, states and living conditions.
We gravitate in the area in which we belong according to our nature and character level (same draws equal).

At the latest here the principle of balancing justice is recognizable:
No crime, and may have been so cunningly committed, remains concealed and unpunished.

A thorough course correction is needed to get out of the vicious circle of guilt and atonement by learning to set up causes that cause timeless good:
To our salvation everyone is doing its part!

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