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How to live, proper nutrition and healthy Aging
Proper nutrition is the key to a healthy long life.
Unfortunately, the food industry is also profit-oriented and does not care whether the food produced makes sick, is harmful or healthy.
Therefore, avoid processed products, dairy and meat products.
Organic raw vegan food is best.

Other harmful ingestions
Any amount of alcohol is harmful to your health.
Avoid liquor.
Always be the master of your senses, no drunkenness.
Destroy your body and mind, hands off!
The tobacco products contain addictive substances in order to turn young people into lifelong consumers.
Smoking is insidious suicide. With every pull / inhalation, life energy is withdrawn, which is missing in the end.
Young women do not just harm themselves but also their future children.
Chemical pharmaceutical products.
Chemical synthetic drugs can cause chronic illness through their side effects.
Especially horrific: Because of greed for profit, young children are harmed for life or even murdered (vaccinations).
Very harmful: antibiotics;
Alternatives are a strong immune system and natural medicine.

Your body
Accept, respect and love your body as God-given perfect for you!
Do not harm your body!
Do not deface your body!
No cosmetic surgery
Do not accept organ transplants, also don't be a donor.

Your children
Do not hit them, do not suppress them.
Do not allow torture (vaccination, circumcision).

Your behavior
Avoid annoyance, dispute, anger, hate;
No violence, oppression, coercion, slander, bullying, intrigue, revenge;

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