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Why the world is so bad
The world is ruled by a secret elite group.
The elite is based on the royal families of Europe (even those who have long lost their crown) and the great bankers of the late Middle Ages.
For centuries, they have kept themselves in the background and made the net from there that should contract soon around all humanity.

The most important basis for this is the disunity of humankind, which is specifically promoted in all areas.
The goal is that there are only 2 types of people left:
The mass people, the headless herd, and the elite, who consider themselves master of the herd.

In order to manipulate people at will, two means of pressure suffice:
On the one hand the money, on the other the weaknesses of human nature, which make people without resistance the victim of all possible temptations.
Almost all of the world's funds are owned by this secret elite group and its international corporations, and the current banking system has been developed over the centuries.
More details about the existing systems

Since reaching a certain degree of civilization, a social system has been developed that makes every person dependent on their income: no place in society without work.
In the meantime they have laid out so many lures of bait that almost everyone is ready to work to the point of exhaustion, to have more and more money and to afford all the pleasures after which his weak nature greed.
The rampant consumerism only makes this secret elite group, the masters of money, even richer, while their slaves, the working masses, believe they have worked their way to a liveable life, when in reality they only ever become more dependent, exhausted and sicker.

Even at the cell of the society, the family, has been done something that it has to make an effort to pay all the bills all the time.
This is done through the numerous vicious circles that have been created to make people dependent on the masters of money.
The purpose of a vicious cycle is to make people dependent, because when that is achieved they are no longer free.
Instead it leads to a kind of enslavement and restriction.

People should not have much time to think. Therefore, technology and innovation should grab the attention of the masses, so much so that their absence would be as catastrophic for those affected: television, mobile phones and computers.
At the same time, this has allowed them to control the flow of information. They control the largest press, radio and TV companies in the world.
Instead of free thinking, the total dependence on the technology that ultimately drives us all.

This secret elite group is also behind the worldwide drug trafficking and especially in the trade of synthetic drugs.
They are fully aware that these drugs, together with tobacco, alcohol and coffee, can destroy the human body.
Since one of their main goals is population reduction, it does not bother them that a few million people die every day due to the use of their drugs.
They are looking for even more efficient ways to get even more people into the afterlife in no time.
The production of deadly viruses has been partially successful.

They pretend to be humanitarian, where in truth this work brings death to many people.
In doing so, they are already working on the constitution of a country that must provide them with the basis for all their manipulations.
At every conflict or war they earn a lot because they finance both parties.
Virtually all the big organizations, political and military, have been founded by them.
Their members occupy key positions there and fulfill their plans with great precision.

And they are very patient: decay decomposes slowly, but surely even the thickest tree trunk.
They always work in secret and make any suspicion in the public completely absurd.
Realizing the plan while letting it defy the plan is the heart of their ideology.
The real goal for which they are constantly working: Growing social entropy (ever greater disorder, impoverishment and disintegration of society).

One triggers the sensationalist desires of the population and the appetite for excesses and extremes that feed them on all channels and technical devices.
The economic and social system they have created encourages rivalry in their irreconcilable ways, unlawful competition and over-consumption of products.
This senseless restlessness and obsession of the people, which keeps them busy and under constant pressure, leads to a significant decline in morals and ethical values to a vicious growth of human nature.
They take full advantage of these ideas and possibilities at every stage of the media.
They also propagate abnormal forms of sexuality and pornography that have reached an incredible level.
The strength and virility of men and the sensitivity and intuition of women are rapidly diminishing when subjected to evil practices.
As a result, human nature becomes unstable and fully susceptible to temptation, making it easy to manipulate.
In order to achieve their goals, the resilience of their target objects (us!) is weakened.
Without determination, humans are nothing more than working animals on their way to the slaughterhouse.

They pay special attention to this to the youths who they feed with violence and horror films full of sadism and malice.
In addition, they bombard the young people to an extent with advertising that has led to the modern illiterate addiction.
Although they would not need anything, people would constantly buy, consume and buy again, even completely useless things.

There is a close relationship between the temptation of money and the means of obtaining it.
It is not easy to become rich, and in the current economic and legal environment that they have created, it is even impossible to do so in an honest way.
That is why almost the whole class of rich people is vicious and perverted.
The insincere and dishonest nature of the rich requires their actions to be kept secret, and this triggers mutual obligations, especially through extortion.
The secret elite group is very clever at taking the biggest advantage out of such a situation, since they are the authors of this method.

The motivation for their corrupt actions lies in absolute power.
Power hunger is the motive of all people who decide to join this secret elite group: politicians, people in leadership positions and business people.
The goal is the utter control over society as a whole as well as every single individual.

One of the main interests of the secret elite group is to create a big social gap between the haves and the have-nots, without a middle class in between.
This means that every day workers have to struggle to keep their jobs and to get more money to improve their standard of living.
This pressure and this fear nourishes the anxiety element. And as long as there is fear, there is no room for peace, comfort, relaxation, or spirituality.

They want to block every path to goodness, harmony, and true religious belief, because these would impair their power and control.

The absolute leaders of this organization are devil worshipers. As such, they have no ethical limits to achieving their goals.
At their occult ceremonies even small children are sacrificed!

The present plans of the new world order (2016)

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