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Every human being was born to become a better person, and he will return to a new life on earth until he is refined to perfection, with love, wisdom, and goodness.

Reincarnation in the Bible
The fact of reincarnation was around 553 AD. removed from the Bible by the initiative of a power-hungry woman.
This was the time when the migrations began and the dark Middle Ages began, with its ignorance, lack of freedom, poverty, shortage, plague, torture and, a little later, the witch hunts.

Death is taboo
Death is the oldest and strongest taboo of Western culture. Nothing is repressed as the birth into bodiless existence.
Death is marginalized, one should focus on a life that serves consumption and the short-term satisfaction of needs.
This is all the easier as the reality of rebirth and karma is largely ignored or dismissed as the thoughts of esoteric spinners.

Real is the transformation
Even death is a change. He is as real as life. But he does not end our existence. Because there is the real ego that survives death.
After death, you will stay in a place that you have acquired on earth because of your behavior (cause and effect).

Your present life
You have been born into a human life that you have earned because of your past, your past human lives.
Your goal now is to evolve spiritually. You have agreed to a life plan to reach this goal.
Unfortunately, many ignorant people do just the opposite!
If we assume that we must one day go through what we are doing to others, would we so ruthlessly harm other creatures?

Escape to a better life
It also does not help to escape from your home country for a supposed better life, you have to endure this life. Everyone is born where people are at the same level of development and that is where you fit in the best way. People who support economic refugees are not doing any good unless they support their return home.
Make the most of your situation, try to improve your life and that of others.

By no means prematurely end your life or that of others, that is the worst thing you can do!
If you have been assigned to a good life, do not abuse this privilege. Do not just live a life just to satisfy your needs or even afford you luxury goods and ignore the suffering around you. You will get the bill later! Only you can punish yourself.
See life as a gift and do your best to preserve a livable environment (active environmental protection) and make a destroyed environment worth living for later generations. You yourself will be there!

Racism and Nationalism
So Nationalism, racism and wars are nonsense, do not participate in there! You used to be one of the others! In your past lives, you have certainly gone through all nations and races.
The disdain of a race, through the karma law, often causes the contemptuous one in his next incarnation to be born as a member of the same as that of him before esteemed race!

Reincarnation cycle
This cycle of death and later rebirth repeats itself again and again until you have developed so far as to be destined for a higher life.
For many, this cycle is almost infinite, or even worse, they hang somewhere and worst of all, they end up destroying themselves.

The goal of earth life
The goal of earth life is immortality - not on earth, but in the spiritual spheres of creation.
Once man has completed his spiritual development, he no longer needs to incarnate.
But the way there is very treacherous, since he is exposed to various temptations.
Our earthly kingdom is a test and one will reap the fruits of a mortal life only in the higher realms.
Low desires can bring one to hell/underworld and even risk the death of the soul!
Man had to learn to curb and master earthly desires, only then could he develop himself spiritually as far as that he could finally ascend to the higher levels.

The fate
Every act has its effects and everyone has the freedom of choice, and that choice ultimately leads to fate.
Either you keep evolving or burden yourself, in the worst case by sinking into the dark world, even during an earthly life!
Further development requires the fight against evil, the active participation of world change. Evil is an expression of lack of development and ignorance.
Charity, compassion, gentleness and faith in love and good make it possible that even the dark will be transformed in the future.
They can be recognized on earth that they are preaching slavery, cruelty, toughness, greed, avarice, immorality, selfishness, and the fear of death.
To be avoided:
Ill-temperedness and unjust anger (anger), lustfulness (sensual greed, lust), avarice (greed), error (confusion), desire (strong desire), violence and cruelty (violence), grumble (gossip), vanity (gluttony), melancholy (despondency), inclinations (addictions), envy, aversion (disgust), fornication (debauchery), desire for other good (that which does not belong to you), exercise of power and oppression (exploitation), malice (slander), lies and untruths, not being masters of his senses (drunkenness, drug addiction);
Hold onto the golden path:
Love with all what is! The highest expression of love is the self-sacrifice that helps those who are even deeper.

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