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The creation story
Sumer, the first known civilization
The high culture of the Sumerians arose between the Euphrates and Tigris in today's Iraq.
In Mesopotamia a very sophisticated civilization emerged, which was to lay the foundations for the following cultures, such as scripture, legislation, mathematics, agriculture and astronomy. This is said to have begun about 6,000 years before Christ.
Already with the old Sumerians emerged the two central mechanisms with which humans could be controlled: Religion and the banking system.

Other ancient empires worked with papyrus scrolls that decayed over time or burned during wars.
In cuneiform, on the other hand, signs were carved into damp clay tablets with a wedge-shaped pen. These plates were then dried, baked and kept in large archives. Around 500,000 clay tablets have been discovered so far, giving us invaluable insights into history.
From where the knowledge
Where did they get all the knowledge from? The clay tablets provide information. And their information is similar to that of many other ancient peoples: all their knowledge comes from their gods, who descended from the sky to earth and were able to ascend back to the sky at will.

The Sumerian version of human origin
Already 450 000 years ago, the highly developed inhabitants of the planet Niburu, the Annunaki, landed on the earth in the Persian Gulf, when the two planets were close to each other (about every 3500 years).
They founded colonies and sought gold to save their atmosphere. This had evidently developed similar holes as it did here after we destroy the ozone layer. The solution was to apply extremely tiny gold flakes in the upper layers of their atmosphere to plug the holes.
The theory is that the Annunaki mined gold on Earth for over 100,000 years.
About 300,000 years ago, the lesser batches working in the mines had filled the whole thing.
The solution found:
You can create a primitive worker who can do the dirty work.
In Africa, there are many specimens of a primitive humanoid (Homo erectus or close relative).
The ethical objection "The creation belongs only to the father of all beginning" was invalidated: A hybrid, half Annunaki, half primitive humanoid, would not be an act of Creation, but only an appreciation of existing breeding.
In a laboratory in Africa, DNA was combined and created a hybrid of humanoids and extraterrestrials.
The egg cell of a primitive humanoid female was fertilized with the sperm of a young Annunaki. The fertilized egg cell was implanted into an Anunnaki woman who was carrying the child.
After several attempts at improvement, the final copies were created about 250,000 years ago.
With today's knowledge of cloning and in vitro fertilization, the Sumerians' account of the emergence of the first humans is obvious, but still 25 years ago, the whole thing would not have been credible.
Evidence is available:
According to current research on mitochondrial DNA, one can trace the human back to a primitive mother who lived in Africa around 250,000 years ago!

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