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Why you should eat vegan!
Vegan for moral reasons
In our society, it is considered perfectly normal and supposedly morally permissible for the human benefit, animals to exploit (dairy cows, chickens and others), torture (animal experiments) and execute (slaughter animals).
Evolution has endowed humans with the skills and resources to realize this exploitation of the animals. A privileging and seductive circumstance for man, because he is in power the stronger can confer the right of the strongest. The right of the strongest is thus the basis for the exploitation, tormenting and killing of animals.
However, an elementary hallmark of morality generally recognized in our society is that it is just not based on the right of the strongest. Real values also do not tolerate arbitrary application by the Stronger according to his own interests. A right of the strongest and real moral values are opposites that exclude themselves.
Consequently, as human beings, we act morally only when we treat the weaker animals according to our moral system of values, which is not based on the law of the strongest, but rather the rights of life and which also gurantees the integrity of the weaknesses.
That means concretely in everyday life, that we are not allowed at the shop counter to give order for the cruel exploitation of the weaker animals.
The lifelong torturing, exploiting and killing of animals is legal because of immoral laws, which legalize crimes. The history of mankind is full of moral crimes that were once legal (slavery) or still are (torture, execution). They are the foundation of human corruption. when man causes so much suffering, what right does he have to complain when he himself suffers?

Vegan for Climate and Environmental Protection
The livestock industry is one of the biggest pollutants of the air due to the emission of gases such as methane.
The tons of liquid manure pollute the soil.
The tropical rain forests, which are important for the global climate, are cleared for grazing land for livestock and for growing the forage plants. The green lung of Mother Earth is being destroyed on an unprecedented scale.

Vegan for Human Rights
The animals of the rich eat the bread of the poor!
Around 1 billion people worldwide are starving. 30 million people die of hunger every year.
Every day between 6000 and 43000 children die of hunger, while about 40% of the fish caught worldwide, about 50% of global grain harvest and over 90% of global soybean crops are fed to livestock.
The feeding of vegetable food to produce harmful animal products is an absurdity, a scandal and a waste of superlatives: For the production of only 1 kg of meat there are required up to 16 kg of vegetable food and 10 to 20 tons of water depending on the species. About the detour of animal products are thus wasted huge amounts of the calories of vegetable food, which then are no longer available for the people.
From the third world there are plant foods exported for livestock farming in the industrialized nations although in these poor countries children and adults are starving and dying of hunger. Instead of feeding the hungry in the world, we take their food to fatten the tortured livestock to satisfy our pathogenic addiction to meat, eggs and milk. Due to the huge demand of the animal industry in addition, the prices of food crops increase, making them for many people in the hunger countries become prohibitive.
A child dying of hunger today is being murdered!
By whom murdered? Of all those involved in this system. So also exactly from the people who finance this system through the consumption of animal products!
Each and every one of us makes the decision every day whether to get involved at the system of the livestock industry by the consumption of meat, milk, fish and eggs - with all the brutal consequences for the hungry, the animals and the environment!

Vegan for animal welfare and animal rights
Animal welfare fails completely in protecting livestock. In truth, the worldwide animal welfare laws are merely animal use and exploitation Laws under which the animals must suffer extremely and which merely serve to legalize the brutal exploitation of animals.
The dairy cows are used up in short time by the constant milk production and are slaughtered, if from the leached animals cannot be longer extracted enough milk. Instead of a normal life span of about 25 to 30 years the leached dairy cows are disposed after 3 to 5 years. The organism and udder of tormenting high performance cow are not suitable for this extreme exploitation. It easily causes mastitis which is treated with antibiotics or brings the cow to the slaughterhouse. The drug residues are then found in the milk and dairy products.
Every year, the cows are artificially fertilized, raped and got pregnant, so that the milk flow does not dry up. Only after the birth of a calf does a cow give milk. After the birth, mother and child are separated, which triggers an extremely traumatic separation pain at both. This separation pain is due to innate instincts so dramatic that both the cow and her calf still whimper for days, moo and scream. But for the calf the ordeal does not end yet. The female calves come to milk production, where they replace their leached mothers. The male animals are fattened in small, dark stables for meat production. But because of the worldwide milk production far too many calves are produced, they are destroyed in the slaughterhouses or simply left to starve. If dairy cows are unprofitable they will come to the slaughterhouse, because also pregnant cows will be slaughtered many unborn calves suffocating in the body of the murdered mother.
These cruelties happen only because consumers demand milk and dairy products, the devastating effects on human health could be substantiated by scientific studies.
The animal cruelty for the production of eggs in the world-wide legend hens postures is well-known nevertheless the tormenting does continue. But also the mass keeping of laying hens on the ground in the organic agriculture is not appropriate and clear Cruelty to animals.
Since only female chickens lay eggs, but from the incubated eggs as many male as also female chicks develop, become the male chicks are gassed by default as useless waste or crushed alive in a shredder. These male chicks are not good for chicken meat production. Because there are special chicken breeds for meat production. The daily extermination of animal children is completely normal because consumers consume the unhealthy cholesterol bomb egg.
Goose liver pate: In order for the liver to grow up, the animals are forcibly fed, and the food is pumped into them through a tube.
The cruelties in the slaughterhouses should be looked at by every meat eater.

Vegan for unhealthy animal products
Meat is still considered a normal part of a supposedly healthy, balanced diet. But the damage to health caused by meat has been revealed through countless scientific studies. Even the WHO classifies processed meat as carcinogenic.
The oceans are becoming increasingly empty, so that an ecological catastrophe is imminent here as well. Approximately 40% of the worldcaught fish are fed to livestock. Up to 80% of fishing can be by-catch thrown back into the sea. The oceans are abused to a gigantic extent as a dump for chemicals (including radioactive waste) and plastic. A large part of the fish is heavily contaminated with toxins, so the consumption of these fish represents a significant health risk to humans. This is especially true for pregnant women and children!
Casein, which accounts for 87% of the protein in cow's milk, promotes all stages of cancer growth. The calcium of the milk can be hardly absorbed and used by the body. Animal sources of protein, such as dairy products, meat and eggs also lead due to thehigh content of sulfur-containing amino acids cause significant calcium losses through the kidneys and are very potent promoters of the Cancer growth.

Vegan for more health
When natural disasters or terrorist attacks demand hundreds or thousands of deaths, the horror is great. But if a in-house malnutrition through animal products is causing millions of sufferers and deaths from cancer, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, Alzheimer's, being overweight and other serious diet-related illnesses, this will be accepted with an amazing equanimity. While the population is misinformed about healthy eating and misleaded certain economic sectors benefit from this fatal situation.
Doctors, clinics, medical device manufacturers, and pharmaceutical companies can only make big profits when people suffer from chronic diseases and be treated. The animal industry only makes huge profits when people consume morbid animal products such as meat, sausage, milk, dairy products, eggs and fish. Treacherous is that the health consequences of malnutrition with animal products are not visible immediately, but usually become visible only after many years. Medical advances increase health care costs. But not the causes, but only the symptoms of chronic diseases are treated. So, modern medicine does not primarily create more health, but a rapidly increasing number of chronically ill people with increased life expectancy. Thus, the life of the People is prolonged, but also their suffering. The goal of responsible medicine should be in the interests of the people to be a long life with best physical and mental health. But this can only be done through prevention, so avoiding chronic diseases by means of a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Vegan for religious reasons
God created the world according to the ideas of all great religions. the humans and the animals.
God has given man his body, mind and health.
God created an intact environment with the animals living in it.
Is it conceivable that God is pleased with that
• his creation is abused and destroyed by a gigantic feeding affair?
• man ruines his health with harmful animal products?
• man withholds food from his fellow human beings in the Third World, makes them starve and withheld feed from them instead let fatten tormented farm animals because a taste experience is worth more than a human life?
• man destroys the environment created by God and causes a climate catastrophe?
• the animals he creates are exploited and tormented as God's creatures?
All of this happens through the consumption of meat, sausages, milk, cheese, eggs and other animal products. Who these animal products eats, participates in a system that damages and destroys God's creation. Mind you a conscious and intentional involvement in full knowledge of the context that this site presents.
For a believer, it could end in the disaster that he trampled the creation of God when he is held accountable after the few years of his earthly existence. Is it all worth it?

The Seven Rules of a Healthy Vegan Diet
1) Most important: Feeding as varied as possible!
2) Take vitamin B12 as a dietary supplement (including iron), possibly vitamin D in winter (either vegan vitamin D2 or vitamin D3 vegan origin), iodine is obtained from algae or iodine, but please use them sparingly.
3) Vitamin C-containing drinks at meal times to optimize iron intake. Iron is important for blood formation.
4) Avoid refined sugar and flour.
5) Additional fats / oils only in small amounts (heart sufferers should do without additional fats / oils completely). This does not apply to vegan toddlers. Tip: Omega 3 fatty acids are best obtained from freshly ground flaxseed.
6) Industrially processed foods rarely consume.
7) To prefer fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and whole grains, just organic.

It is important that a change from meat diet to vegan diet is slow, the digestive organism need time to get used to it. For example, replace meat with fish and then slowly less of it.

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